'João Heleno dos Brito' is a MUST-WATCH show to check it out!

“João Heleno dos Brito” is my favorite portuguese show on Lingopie! And this scene made me laugh so loud. hahahah

Have any of you guys watched this show? If yes, which is you favorite scene? If not, which is your favorite show on Lingopie? I wanna know! :slight_smile:


I can’t describe how hilarious is this show. It reminds me Kill Bill and those spaghetti western starring Clint Eastwood, and pouring a spoon of comedy :sweat_smile:

I got this scene but all the show worth each second of your life.


I just LOVE it. I also like “Última chamada” because it’s so cute!!!


I haven’t, but I will!
I had a lot of fun watching Desaventurados!!!

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