Kings Day Tradition in Portugal

In Portugal the traditional bolo-rei (king cake) is part of the Kings celebration. Although it is more usual in certain parts of the country, the bolo-rei (king cake) brings a fava bean, and whoever gets the slice with the fava bean should provide the cake the following year. There is also a variation to this cake, which is the bolo-rainha, but without the traditional candied fruit.
Some parts of the country, especially the smaller ones, still have the habit of singing Janeiras. That is, from January 1st until the 6th, groups of people go out into the street and sing from door to door. As thanks they receive food and drink.

It is also the day when Janeiras is sung. The singing of Janeiras begins the day after Christmas and lasts until Three Kings’ Day.

In certain regions (and countries) there is a tradition where groups of children sing Christmas carols and songs from door to door, hoping that people will offer them sweets, candy bars and many times donations for theirs schools, creating a new way for the community to help out their school.

Do you also celebrate this day in your country?


This is super interesting! :slight_smile: We celebrate the 6th of January as a holiday called “Epifania”, one side we celebrate it for the arrival of the three kings in Bethlehem and on the other side we celebrate la “Befana” who is supposedly an elderly lady who brings treats to the good kids and coal to the bad ones :slight_smile:


I guess there must be so many different takes on this day! Thank you for sharing yours! A lady that brings treats, that’s also a nice way to spread the feeling of giving with fairness! I wonder how many got coal? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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