“Krimis” Vocabulary

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Krimi (= crime show/film/novel)? :tv: They are exciting and keep you on the edge of your seat while you try to figure out the crime. If you are a fan of the genre, don’t miss Hamburg Homicide, WAPO Berlin, In Case of Doubt and Willow Grouse Investigates!

:mag_right: And here is some vocabulary to be ready when you start watching:

der Diebstahl - theft
der Einbruch - burglary
der Mord - murder
der Verbrecher/die Verbrecherin - criminal
der Täter/die Täterin - culprit
das Opfer - victim
das Verhör - interrogation
die Strafe - punishment
das Strafregister - criminal record
die Kaution - bail

schuldig - guilty
bewaffnet - armed
ermordet - murdered
verdächtig - suspicious (if something looks suspicious)
argwöhnisch - suspicious (if one feels suspicious of something)

verhören - to interrogate
fliehen - to flee
stehlen - to steal
töten - to kill
verhaften - to arrest

Do you know any other words you might hear in this type of shows? Have you watched any of the ones on Lingopie? Tell us below :arrow_down:


I love “Krimis”!! :flashlight: :mag_right:
I think some important words might be:

SEK= Spezialeinsatzkommando=> special task force
SpuSi= Spurensicherung => forensics
KriPo= Kriminalpolizei => criminal investigation department
Kommissar=> commissioner/ inspector/ detective
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Yes! You will come across many abbreviations like those, even in the shows names (SoKo = Sonderkommission = special commission)