Lack of content


Nowadays I’m focusing on French and Japanese, both are intermediate-high intermediate level for me. I find french session very useful, but for the Japanese one, I think it lacks content and more complex things. It would be better if you would focus on adding more anime that people would enjoy to watch or rewatch if they have seen it before, as I guess mostly people studying Japanese are interested in anime. I find it frustrating that are such small collection of anime series… I’m on my 7 days trial, but I would really like to enjoy japanese series as well :slight_smile:

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Hi Dave,

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, thank you.
I’m glad to hear you are enjoying learning French with Lingopie.
Our Japanese catalog is still quite new. However, we are constantly adding new content to Lingopie’s catalog and strive to make it as diverse and wide as possible.
Moreover, if you are studying French I recommend you to participate in our free open classes every Tuesday at 12 pm est. Check out the Lingopie events category for all the details.
I hope this was helpful! :slight_smile: