Lack of search facilities in songs section or facility to 'like' songs

A few issues which make it hard to find songs you’ve listened to before.

The song section isn’t easy to navigate as there is no one place where all the songs are kept or all the playlists are kept that you can scroll. You have top artists/top playlists/top songs when you log into the music section. Clicking ‘see all’ songs takes you to the this months top song playlist. The only way you can find certain songs or artists is by having bookmarked them manually, or by hopping from one playlist to another based on connected ‘related playlists’. Some playlists are maybe ‘related’ to one or two other playlists so you have to remember which playlist they are ‘related’ to to find it.

In the Spanish songs (the German songs section is unfortunately not so big yet since it’s new and am looking forward to it expanding! ), given that there are are so many options, certain songs I found months ago for example music by ‘The Gypsy Kings’ are almost impossible to find because they’re not on any of the ‘top playlists’ etc.

This is a bit frustrating, even in the German section, it would be easier if there was list of all the songs somewhere or a search so I could find via a quick scroll without having to remember which playlist it is.

And since there is no possibility of liking songs either, then there’s no way to store them for easy access.