Language Journey

Hello, I’m Trinity! I wanted to come on here and talk about my language learning journey. The languages i’m currently studying are French and Russian. I just started learning French, but I have been learning Russian for awhile now! I plan on traveling, but I am also learning these things because I find joy in learning! What languages are you learning, and why and how are you learning them?


I’m studying French but during the Pandemic I studied Turkish! just because.
I loved the films and I was learning so much that I sat down and started studying with every free app I could find! KKKK that was fun!

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I’ve been learning Spanish for a few years now. My learning experience has changed a lot through the time. Now that I’m fluent it’s enough to just watch tv shows and learn new phrases, words, slangs and more.
I started learning because I love telenovelas and how Spanish sounds, it makes me feel at home.

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