"L'argot" the french slang

Hey guys!

I am learning a lot of slang by watching the shows. Here are some of the words I’ve learned.

-Mec: guy

-Meuf: chick

-Gamin/ gosse: kid

-Pote: friend

-Kiffer: to like

-Laisse tomber: let go

-Bosser: to work

-Le boulot/ le taf: the job

-Flic: police

-Bagnole: car

-Fringues: clothes

-Malbouffe: junk food

-Fric/ pognon: money

-Truc/ machin: thing

-Frérot: bro

-Clope: cigarette

-Sans déc: no kidding

-Ta gueule: shut up

-Faire la teuf: to party

Do you know others? I would love to read you! :upside_down_face:


To say money, you can also use the word “thune”… I learned that while listening to a song by Angèle that’s called “La Thune”. :star_struck: :notes:

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Hi Sofi! Thank you! I didn’t know that one :bulb:. Btw, I’ve just heard the song, it’s great!

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I love this! This is exactly the reason I signed up.

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