Latin American Carnivals

It’s believed that carnival was borned in the Antique Europe, in festivities where Romans and Greeks celebrated in honor of Baco (God’s Wine) and to the spring’s arrival. :partying_face: :dancing_women:

As time went by, Christians adopted the expression “Pagan festivity” turning it into a celebration before Lent (40 days in which the followers must not eat meat, drink alcoholic drinks and any kind of earthly pleasure). Because of this, it’s said that the etymology of the word “carnival” comes from the Latin Carne Vale o Carne-levare, which mean: “goodbye to the meat”, making reference to the abstinence that it starts on Ash Wednesday, and at the same time it shows the end of the carnivals. :dancing_women: :dancing_women: :dancing_women:

Did you know these celebrations in particular? :dancing_women: Do you like going to carnivals? :partying_face: Which one would you like to enjoy if you had the chance? :tada:


Hi :wave:! I love carnivals, not only the dances and colorful costumes, but also the energy the dancers transmit :star_struck: One that caught my attention was Mexico, as it isn’t the typical kind of celebration one is used to. And if I had the chance I’d like to see that carnival in person :hugs:

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