LatinAmerican Gastronomic Tour: Mexico

Along this gastronomic tour we’ll know certain typical dishes of all Latin American countries, getting ourselves a bit into their culture and customs. :nerd_face:

Our first stop would be: Mexico. :mexico: :taco:

Have you ever eaten Mexican food? What else do you know about this beautiful country? :heart_eyes: :face_with_monocle:


Hi! :wave: I haven’t tried Mexican food yet, but I’d love to. Something about Mexico that I learned and it caught my attention is its official name: Estados Unidos Mexicanos

I live in Los Angeles, California, so Mexican food is available everywhere. My absolute favorite (besides carne asada) is a Mexican Elote or Esquites. Elotes is prepared sweet corn on the cob and the Esquites are the same preparation, but off the cob and served in a cup or bowl with a spoon. They are incredible popular street snack food here that the vendors bring using push-carts and ringing a bell in the street to let you know they are here (we don’t need grub-hub…hehe).

The preparations most popular around here is either roasted or boiled corn, covered in mayonnaise, grated cheese, lemon, spicy chili powder and salt. If you want one as a snack, all you have to do is go to the closest park and there will be a cart selling them.

My son introduced them to coworkers when he was in university up north, everyone was skeptical about trying them, but then… the rest of the summer they made them for their weekly poker parties.
They are shockingly good!



Hi! That sounds really great, and delicious! If I have the chance sometime I’ll definitely give it a try!

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My mom is Mexican, and she cooks Mexican food at home even though I was born in Italy. Mole is so unique and I love it with rice and chicken. :yum:

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It all sounds delicious. :yum: