Le scaramanzie di fine anno: last year Italian superstition!

Buona sera a tutti! So as are in the last days of the year, I was thinking about this unique cultural habit: use a new red underwear in the last day of the year, and in the first one, throw it in the trash.

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Yes, is exactly what you heard. This is a representation of prosperity (il rosso: - red). Also this color was used in the past by the nobles, and the act of throw it in the trash is the meaning of renew, something like put all the past things that have no more meaning, away from your life.
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And what about this word: Scharamanzia - this is a sort of culturale act, that can vary from country, region and ethnical origin but have the objective of bring fortune, money, love etc… Another example is like “wake up with the right foot”. E da te? Quali sono le scaramanzie di fine anno?

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