Learning to talk italian

Hi i am a newbie
how can i learn to speak Italian fluently i can read but not talk fluently


Hi! :slight_smile: And welcome!!
We have a great feature that allows you to repeat the phrase when watching a show, once you are done saying it out loud it also give a grade!
Here is a screenshot to show you the button in question (circled in blu):

make sure you enable your microphone!!

Also another great feature, that are available with Lingopie are private classes with an Italian teacher, that will create a class studied specifically for you and your level, here is the link! Learn a Language with TV Shows and Movies - Lingopie

The community is also a great way to exercise your language skill, we always post some funny exercises or grammar lessons, and if you ever have any question you can always ask here, this is a great space to connect with teachers and other newbies! :slight_smile:

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