Legal drinking age and driver's license in Germany

I just read an article in a German newspaper. The legal age to buy beer and wine is 16 years. You can consume beer/wine at the age of 14 if you are accompanied by a legal guardian.
They are thinking of raising the drinking age to 18.

In Germany you usually get a driver’s license (Führerschein) for a car at age 18.
At age 16 you can get a license for a scooter.

If you get caught riding you bicycle whilst being drunk you might loose your car driver’s license.


Interesting, in Italy you must be 18 in order to buy or order alcohol!
What about other countries?

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Wow! I’ve heard traffic regulations (“Verkehrsregeln”) are taken very seriously in Germany, which I think is great. But now I’m curious, I assume you get a fine or have to do community work if you get caught riding a bike drunk?

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In Argentina you also need to be 18 to buy or order any kind of alcohol but you can get a driver’s license for a car at 16 with the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

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