"Les homophones" watch out!

If you want to master French and not for French to master you, you have to be careful with this tricky words.

Homphones are words that sound alike but have different meanings, so to make sentences that have sense you have to watch out!

Here are some examples:

une amande: an almond
une amende: a fine

au: contraction of à and le
aux: contraction of à and les
eau: water

un auteur: an author
une hauteur: a height

la boue: the mud
le bout: the tip

cent: one hundred
sang: blood
sens: first person singular of sentir (to feel)
sans: without
(4 in a row, come on French! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

un compte: an account
un comte: a count (nobleman)
un conte: a story

dans: in
un dent: a tooth

la foi: faith
le foie: liver
une fois: a time

leur: possessive pronoun (their), indirect object pronoun (them)
un leurre: a delusion/illusion
l’heure: the hour

La mer: the sea
Le maire: the mayor (la maire is also possible in some regions)
La mère: the mother

un mur: a wall
mûr(e): ripe
une mûre: a blackberry

un pair: a peer
une paire: a pair
un père: a father

les pâtes: pasta
la pâte: dough
les pattes: paws

plus tôt: earlier
plûtot: rather

le sel: salt
la selle: saddle
celle: demonstrative pronoun

vert: green
vers: around, toward
un ver: worm
un verre: a glass

Let’s play :ferris_wheel:

Can you make one sentence with two or more homophones of the same group? I’ll start!

La mère du maire habite à côté de la mer.

I’m anxious to read yours! :nerd_face:


Does this work? I wanted to fit in “censé” to add to the twist:
Le censeur sent que sans cinq cent centilitres de sang, il se sent faible.


Hi @mitchymitchy33_80988 !! And welcome to the Forum! That’s a great one! I’m still trying to pronounce it hahah! Thank you for sharing :clap: :clap:

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This post is so good!!! :fire:
The vert, vers, ver, verre is so funny!
It is crazy how they all sound almost the same but you write them differently and they convey direct meanings. This post is great to have them all together and learn how to write them differently.
Thank you!!

Le ver vert danse vers le verre.
Does this work?


Un ver vert est dans mon verre!

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This sounds correct!