Let's get cooking together with these shows!

Hello to everyone! :slightly_smiling_face: :wave:
If you are passionate about cooking I recommend watching these shows:

  • Chef Max Mariola : his various episodes take us exclusively to follow his magnificent Italian and delicious recipes.
    I have been following his episodes a lot as they also feature the recipes of my favorite dishes which are Carbonara and Amatriciana . :spaghetti:

  • Jennifer’s Recipes : the various episodes are about her passion for recipes of sweets and healthy savory dishes. You can also follow them on her instagram page.
    I love desserts and really enjoy looking at new recipes about them. :cake:

I hope you can have the opportunity to watch them! :grinning:


I love cooking!! Thank you for the recommendation :slight_smile:

Can’t get enoug of cooking shows! They are my favorits :star_struck: :cake: :shallow_pan_of_food:

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I could not agree more!!