Let's learn something new about Italy with these interesting facts!

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:
Here are some interesting facts about Italy, so that nobody can ever question how fond you are of Italy :joy:

  1. Italy is home to the shortest river in the world, in the province of Verona, more precisely in Malcesine. It is only 175 meters long. Well… Longer than I can run, that’s for sure!!

  2. The tiniest country in the world can also be found in Italy. The State of the Vatican. I must say, no matter how little this country is, every time I visited it always gave me big feelings! Last time I was lucky enough to book a room that was starring straight to the dome of the Vatican… and boy oh boy, was that amazing!!!
    Can’t be unbiased here… :heart_eyes:

  3. The quantity of coffee consumed by an average Italian is around 3,7 kg per year, which is about 14 billion cups of coffee per year!! I probably contribute way too much in these numbers, I am pretty sure my blood is made of coffee by now :joy:

  4. I am a huge chocolate lover, so this hits home… :joy: Italy is the home country to NUTELLA! Growing up, my mother tried to limit my nutella intake, because of cavities and so on and so forth, so I would ALWAYS wait for her nap time to dig in with my spoon and always blamed my father.

  5. The catacombs of Rome are 13 kilometers long and contain about 40,000 tombs. They lie from 7 to 19 meters below the surface and cover over 13,000 square meters (140,000 square feet). They also house the oldest image of the Virgin Mary on Earth (early 2nd century).

What about you guys, what are some interesting facts you know about Italy or about your country?? Can’t wait to hear them! :slight_smile:


Wow! I’ve lived in Italy and I didn’t know about the shorter river ahah. By the way, there are a lot of Bars near the Vatican perimeter. A Bar in Italy is a kind of cafeteria in which you can have different kind of cafes, sandwiches, desserts, breads and, depending of the place, cocktails and drinks.


Yes!! Now that I leave in a different country I miss Italian bars :sleepy:


A little interesting fact about my city of Verona.
Although Verona is often linked to the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, there is actually another love story, and this one has a sad ending as well :sleepy:

The lovers’ well, hidden among houses and alleys, is the symbol of the love between Corrado di San Bonifazio, a young soldier, and Isabella Donati, set in the 16th century.

Legend has it that Corrado was in love with the young woman, who, however, at least in appearance, did not love him back. One day the two young people met near this well and he told Isabella that she looked as cold and icy as the water in that well.

The girl, to challenge him, told him to jump in to see if the water was as icy as he thought it was. Corrado, by now desperate and resigned, jumped and she, out of guilt and the love she actually felt, jumped into the well, disappearing with him.