Letters that are written in words, but not pronounced

Hello friends :yum:

I know that in every languages there some words in which you see the letters that are not pronounced. And here some Russian words with this feature:

  • ЗдраВствуйте ['zdrastvuite] - hello

  • СоЛнце ['sontse] - sun

  • ПразДник ['praznik] - holiday

  • ЛесТница ['lesnitsa] - ladder

  • ИзвесТный [iz’vesniy] - famous

  • РадосТный ['radosnyi] - joyful

  • МесТный ['mesniy] - local

As you can see from the last three examples, the letter T is not pronounced when it is in the middle of the combination of -стн-. But everything is not so easy as you can imagine :laughing:

There are some words in Russian that sound like it is supposed to have letter T in this combination, but indeed this letter doesn’t exist in their spelling.
Here are some of these words:

  • Ужасный [u’zhasniy] - horrible

  • Опасный [o’pasniy] - dangerous

  • Ровесник [ro’vesnik] - peer or age-mate. :small_red_triangle_down:ATTENTION :small_red_triangle: There’s a synonym сверстник, where the letter T is spelled. Why is that? Because these words have different origin, but the same meaning.

Have you ever met these words while learning Russian? Maybe you know more words like these ones? :wink: