LGBTQIA+ rights in Japan

Have you watched the show “Antique”, in our catalog? The show tells the story of a pastry chef who starts working at the bakery of an old high school crush. It’s an LGBT-themed plot. Taking the hook of this anime, I would like to present a little of the situation of LGBTQIA+ rights in Japan.

Although Japan is a country with almost no reports of physical hostility to the LGBTQIA+ public, being comparatively safer to live than in other more conservative countries, legally speaking, there is still a long way to go to guarantee full rights to the LGBT’s.

LGBT’s stories and characters are very present in the entertainment industry, but LGBT’s suffer from acceptance in everyday life and tend to suffer exclusion and bullying if they dare to come out.

Although we have made progress and there are already gay pride parades in some corners of the country, the judiciary and other spheres of government refuse to accept LGBT marriage as constitutional.

Let’s hope that not only Japan but many other countries accept and legalize this act of love and acceptance and allow people of the most different spectrums of sexuality to live freely and with equal rights