Listen to a story-Audiobooks

Hi everyone,
I just watched Parasight on Lingopie and the the police guy mentions Bibi Blocksberg. OMG. I used to listen to Bibi all the time!! It is a series of audio plays for children the protagonist being a little witch. When I was young me and all my friends in Germany listened to audiobooks (I guess back then we weren´t allowed to watch much TV so it was a great alternitive.)
I passed on that habit to my son and it is great to listen to a story while doing a craft project or tidying up…or even at night in bed.
On Lingopie there are audiobooks available now too!
Have you checked them out?
Which one is your favorite? :sparkles:


I love audiobooks! :headphones: I discovered them pretty recently and they were a game changer for me.
And now they’re on Lingopie :clap:t4:. If you’re a beginner, you can follow along with the subtitles in German, English or both languages, just like with the shows and movies, and if you are a more advanced learner, you might even attempt to listen to them while doing other things, like you suggested!
I personally enjoy the Tales for Children, because they are short and really calming to listen to :open_book:

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I’ve personally have never listened to an Audio Book, I know they are becoming really popular and I love the idea of learning a new language through books! I’ll make sure to hear them!

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