Listening vs Speaking?

Hi all! First post here and new member!
I love the idea of learning to listen and understand in a fun way! That said, I’m struggling with the idea of “not translating” which I’m often told to stop doing - and also how this might transfer to learning to speak the language?
Any tips you can provide to make the most of this platform would be great!

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Hi! It’s good to translate certain words or expressions so as to understand what’s being said. We recommend you to use it in order to help you. Lingopie is really great because if you’re a beginner you can slow it down to understand how every single word is said.
Besides, you can make use of flashcards, quizzes to test yourself. Also, you can ask us here and gladly we’ll help you. :nerd_face:
Last but not least, we can offer you webinars. This is a place where students and professors can learn and interact together! :grinning:


Hi Mark,

I think you probably just need to spend a lot of time listening to the language you’re learning and absorbing it by simply relaxing and enjoying the show you are watching. Of course you can practice speaking and writing, as well, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you find yourself translating at first. I think it probably just reflects the learning stage you’re at right now. The more you expose yourself to the language, the more you will start to move toward being able to use the language without needing to translate.

I hope this helps!