Literalized Phrases: Part 1

Hi :wave:! Today we’ll show you with images some literalized phrases and their meanings.

Pegamento en barra [glue stick]: it’s a solid glue commercialized in sticks with a spinning base. They look like a lipstick. People can use this glue stick simply by uncovering the tube, and slightly touch the surface without getting your toes dirty.

Pelea de almohadas [pillow fight]: it’s a popular game generally played during the sleep over parties and a pillow is used as a weapon. It’s usual to kids to play it. However, teenagers and some adults tend to play it too.

Ajustes de cuentas [score settling]: it’s a revenge that someone makes to another person because of a damage produced.

What do you think of these phrases? Hope you find this interesting! :relaxed:


Hahahaha, this is fun. I love it

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Love this! Thank you sharing.