Literalized Phrases: Part 2

Hi :wave:! Today we bring you some literalized phrases in Spanish and their definitions.

Día hábil= [Working Day]: It means the day of the week in which people have to work. However, in Spanish “hábil” refers to “to be gifted with the talent to perform adequately or achieve its objective.”

Célula madre= [Stem Cell]: It’s a cell that is taken from a person or animal at an early stage of development and is capable of developing into cells of any type, for example nerve cells or blood cells.

Pelo rebelde= [Unruly Hair]: It refers to hair that is difficult to keep tidy. While “rebel” means someone who opposes people in authority or opposes accepted ways of doing things.

Huevo duro = [Boiled egg]: It’s an egg, typically from a chicken, cooked with its shell unbroken, usually by immersion in boiling water. In Spanish, “duro” can also refer to someone/ something tough.

What do you think of these phrases? :thinking:


These images are so funny, I loved them!
Also, these phrases are very useful especially to sound like natives. :relieved: