Little exercise to practice our Italian

Hi everyone! :blush:
Here is a little fun exercise to do, to put your Italian a little bit into practice!
Choose the correct adjective

  1. La pasta alla carbonara è (Carbonara pasta is good)
    o Buono
    o Buona
    o Buoni
  2. L’estate è la stagione più (Summer is the most beautiful season)
    o Bella
    o Bello
    o Belle
  3. Il caffè è (the coffee is hot)
    o Caldi
    o Calde
    o Caldo

Choose the right article

  1. ___ Ragazza (girl)
    o Il
    o La
  2. ___ Scuola (school)
    o Il
    o La
  3. ___ Penna (Pen)
    o Il
    o La

Change the sentence from singular to plural

  1. Vado a scuola (I go to school):
  2. Mangio il biscotto (I eat the cookie):
  3. La macchina rossa (the red car):

Why don’t you try out to these 3 short exercises and then post the answer? Let’s see how far we have come with our knowledge of Italian. :blush:

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