Maslenitsa or Butter Week

Today I come to tell you a little bit about a folkloric and religious holiday that is historically celebrated in the Eastern Slavic countries: the Butter Week or, as it is called in Russian, Масленица [mAslenitsa].

:calendar: It’s a week that may vary from year to year, as it depends on the date of Orthodox Easter: Maslenitsa is the last week before Great Lent.

:hibiscus: In addition, in Slavic mythology this is an event to celebrate and welcome spring.

:pancakes: The traditions for this week are many, but the most essential one and the one that remained until today is to eat блины [blinY] or pancakes during the whole week. These are prepared with butter (hence the name) and are accompanied with, preferably, caviar or fish.

This year Maslenitsa starts today, February 28th. So this week you have the perfect excuse to surprise your friends or family with a big batch of pancakes! Have a great Butter Week! :yum: :pancakes: