Mom and dad in the world

Surely we have all noticed that there are two words that are the same or very similar in almost all the languages of the world: ‘mama’ and ‘papa’. :family_man_woman_boy:

:hourglass: Some theories explain that they are sounds that babies identify more quickly and can pronounce. Other theories are inclined that they are words with a common origin in a protosapien language (theoretical ancestor language, origin of the languages of mankind).

Anyway, I would like this to be a space to share how these words are in their languages.

In Russian, the formal forms are:

  • Мать [mat’] - mother
  • Отец [atyEz] - father

The informal forms, the ones we are talking about, are:

  • Мама [mAma] - mom
  • Папа [pApa] - dad

And then there are some affectionate variations:

  • Мамочка [mAmachka] - mommy
  • Папочка [pApachka] - daddy
  • Мамуля [mamUlya] - mommy
  • Папуля [papUlya] - daddy

How do you usually call mom and dad in your languages? And what variations can you have? Share below in the comments!