More like "Game of Souls"?

I just finished all the available episodes of “Game of Souls” and I just loved it! The only problem is it ends on a really big cliffhanger! Will there be more episodes?

I really love fantasy like this. One of my favorite series in English is BBC’s “Merlin”. Does anyone have any suggestions for more fantasy shows like these on this site? My languages are German, Spanish, and Italian, but I’m open to watching something in the other available languages, too.

On another site, before I even knew about Lingopie, I saw a movie called “Küss Mich Frosch”. I loved that one, too. I hope Lingopie adds more shows along this line.

Thanks so much for this site! I love it!


I’m not sure if there will be more episodes, but I hope so! :crossed_fingers:t5:
Have you checked “Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarfs” from the German catalogue? It’s a movie, but it has similar medieval fantasy vibes! :crossed_swords: :magic_wand:


Hi Candela!

I haven’t watched “Snow White and the Magic of the Dwarves” yet, but I came across it yesterday and put it in my list. I definitely plan on watching it!