Must read Brazilian Classics

Brazilian literature is very rich and diverse. In my opinion there are some books that everyone should read to learn more about Brazil, our culture and people. Here are my suggestions:

Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas - Machado de Assis

A dead man, Brás Cubas, tells the story of his family and his own life. A book full of irony and with an unique sense of humour. When you read this book you have the feeling you are “talking” with the narrator. Also the story it’s very intriguing so you just can’t stop reading.

O Cortiço - Aluísio Azevedo

O Cortiço tells the story of the people that live in a poor tenement and the story of the owner of the tenement, João Romão. This is a book that shows a lot about class diference on the 19th century in Brazil. The characters related to the tenement are very different one from another, but they all share one desire: to get rich. In order to do it, some of them are capable of anything.

Vidas Secas - Graciliano Ramos

Life in the Brazilian sertão was never easy and Graciliano Ramos shows this with his book Vidas Secas. Here we get to see the journey of a poor and hard working family that needs to move constantly from one place to another to survive, because the life conditions are very cruel in the endless sertão. This is another book about social issues in Brazil.

Now I wanna know: Have you read these books? Do you have more recommendations?


Wow! Thanks! I think Capitãoes de areia - Jorge Amado is a good one


Need to catch up on my reading Ana. Will take your suggestions into consideration!!! :books: :books: :books: :books:


I haven’t read that one, but I read Shepherd of the Night / Os Pastores da Noite many years ago and enjoyed it greatly. Kind of magical realism but with a lot more realism than magic.


The trilogy “O tempo e o Vento” by Érico Veríssimo is one of my favorites!


At school I read “Capitãoes de areia” by Jorge Amado and “Sortes de Villamor” by Nilma Lacerda, and I loved both books! So I’m already taking note of your recommendations. I love Brazilian culture and I’m always looking forward to delving deeper into it. :heart:


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