My experience on Lingopie - A roadmap to a great experience (long post)

Lingopie has really helped my understanding of spoken Spanish. As I was learning it was often difficult for me to see my improvement in real time. Looking back over the last year (or more) I noticed a few things that have encouraged me. I thought I would share some ideas here about what worked for me over the long term. Please let me know what other ideas you have for having fun and making progress.

1)Start with something easy to gain confidence. My favorite easy shows are cartoons or children’s shows. The words in these shows are pronounced very clearly, the accents are more neutral, and there is less local slang than in some of the other shows. I like Kitty is not a Cat and Pumpkin Reports in this group.

2) Add a show on a topic you love, but is more challenging. I recommend doing this at the same time you start with something easy. Mixing the two shows let me see the progress I was making on the easier show. Without the harder show, I would not have noticed my progress on the easier show. This also may give you more interesting stories. I liked Boy Scauts (anything from Untref is great), 22 Angels, and Violent Stands for this. These shows are trickier because they use vocabulary that is more specific to the topic of the show, or have regional accents.

3) Find the settings that work best for you. When I started I used 75% speed and only Spanish subtitles. I avoided having English subtitles because I found myself cheating and just reading the English. You may dislike clicking for vocabulary and want to see the English subtitles too.

4) Break longer shows up into manageable pieces. I started doing this, but my daughter can get obsessed with finishing shows or at least episodes and spend a big chunk of time watching one. When the episode is an hour long at 100% speed and I am watching at 75% speed and clicking to get vocabulary, that hour can become a long time. I don’t always have that much time in a single block. Fortunately Lingopie saves your place.

5) Stick with it. It is tough to see progress until you look back over time.

6) Look back later, much later. Go back and rewatch shows you liked 6-12 months later. This is where you can really see your improvement. A show that you were watching with difficulty at 75% speed may be one you can watch easily at 80%, 90%, of even 100%. Sure some of it is seeing the show, but some of it is the experience you gained from watching other shows. You may also find new episodes of a show you loved.


Hi :wave:! Thanks for sharing your experience! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
That’s very helpful! I agree with you, to rewatch shows you’ve seen at first after a time and, in the long run, it’s when you can see your progress!
And I think that it can be applied to other languages too :blush:

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How are you able to go back and rewatch shows? Lingopie doesn’t seem to let me.


I will put together a video showing how I do that. It may take a little while.


In advance, I thank you.


I can’t figure out how to rewatch an episode! Even if I just click on an episode but don’t finish it I can’t go back to it! What am I doing wrong?


Hi, what do you mena with rewatch a show?? Could you upload a screenshot so we can understand where is the problem :slight_smile: thank you!

Hi! Could you provide us a screenshot of where you’re having trouble so we can help you? Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

This was really helpful as I am navigating the cite and working on improving my Spanish. This is a long post, but a must read for anyone starting out with this website. I never thought of turning off the English subtitles but will give a shot to help me to not “cheat” as much. Thanks for the advice!!

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With “not rewatchable” they mean that you can’t go from the FlashCards to the video. You always have to search for your previously watched series on the Dashboard.

I do it a little bit different, maybe someone can identify a little more with me: My process is the following:

  1. I’d never turn English subtitles off for one reason: Since I’m not a native speaker of English it doesn’t feel like cheating. In fact, I often have to look up the English words too to understand but searching it up probably promotes my memory performance AND improves my English skills as well. The subtitles not only helping me to better understand I can also look for similarities and idioms which I already know from English.

  2. The first time I watch a series I actually don’t really “enjoy” it. I look for every vocab and idioms I don’t know or I’m not familiar with in terms of conjugation (unfortunately you often don’t know if it’s an ar or er - Verb if you don’t know the infinitivo), I want to point out here that the free translator on contains a very good verb conjugator and even gives examples of context when you translate words. Even better: It considers the subjuntivo too!

  3. Then I’m actually learning the vocab with the Flash Cards until I feel about 60-70% confident.

  4. The I rewatch the series and enjoy my success of understanding almost everything and remind myself to look up the words I didn’t understand “de nuevo”. You see, I knew what nuevo meant before but not that “de nuevo” means again which leads me to my final conclusion.

and now the question: Is this successful?

I’d say: Yes. Why?

I simply realize how my Flash Cards get fewer and fewer when I go ahead with the episodes!. From the first episode of The Treasure Islands I probably marked about 120 words while I only marked about 70 in the 7th episode (To be fair I like the show so much that I’m not feeling like learning the Cards after every episode, so it might be even less if I would) and I have to add that some of them are actually words I already know, but don’t know them in a certain contexts like “poniendo de pensar” instead of “comenzando de pensar” which you’d say in English or German.

which leads to my last recommandation: Never learn a single word without context. Don’t memorize loco, memorize VOLVERSE loco, Yeah, it’s not driving crazy in Spanish, it’s getting back crazy. This could be discouraging because you kinda see the vocab rising, but remind yourself we’re not in school and you don’t get a degree for the amount of your FlashCards ;).


What a great post! Thank you for all your recommendations. :fire:
I couldn’t agree more that learning words within their contest is essential.
It helps you understand and remember it much faster.

Thank you for sharing your experience. Coincidently, I have had the exact same experience. After only two weeks, I was able to better understand episodes of “Oswaldo” without constantly glancing over at the subtitles. Of course, it was a tremendous improvement but it was an improvement and that alone proves that this way of learning Lingopie uses is actually beneficial.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I am new to Lingopie, and actually kind of already started doing what you’re saying with one kids show and one regular show - so glad to know you recommend that!
I also had been looking for a way to slow down the speed, and With you mentioning you did that, I was able to go back and find that setting, so thank you!

Type the show name in the search bar and hit more info. Choose an episode and move the script to the first word or move the progress bar to the beginning

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