National Pet Day!

In the USA, April the 11th is ‘National Pet Day’, a date which reminds us all pet owners why we love pets so much! From cats to dogs (maybe even a bunny), pets can bring a lot of health benefits, such as psychological relief, as well as being a source of unconditional love and cuteness! This Holiday was first founded by Colleen Paige to celebrate pets and also bring conscience about adopting animals in animal shelters.
Do you have pets? What’s your favorite thing about them? Personally, I have two cats and I love cuddling up with them and watching a movie together! :cat: :cat2:


My first pet was a mini goat :rofl: she was very calm and friendly and as a five-year-old I used to take her out for a ride :goat:


I love animals and have always had several pets :heart_decoration:. Right now I have four cats and a dog, but I’ve had more unusual pets, like lab rats :rat: and a snake :snake:.