Negation - Please help!

I’ve been having some troubles with negation in German… Why does it have to be soooo complicated??? :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:
I know that if you want to express the negation of a verb or an adjective you use “nicht” (Mein Deutsch ist nicht perfekt.), and of a noun “kein/e/en” (Ich habe keine Schwester)… So far, so well.

But I’ve seen that the negation of “Ich kann Auto fahren” is “Ich kann NICHT Auto fahren”, because the whole expression “Auto fahren” means “drive”, right?

So, my question is now: How is it when you want to say you can’t skate, for example? “Ich kann NICHT Skateboard fahren” or “Ich kann kein Skateboard fahren”? Pleeasse help! :confounded: :confounded:

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Hi there,
Weĺl, i would say both versions are used and understood.
I would tend to use “Ich kann nicht Skateboard fahren " because you are referring to the verb.
" Ich kann kein Skateboard fahren” is more colloquial but can be used as well.


So, both ways are possible in this case. Thanks! I think I’m coming back to these question with more examples… :stuck_out_tongue:

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