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Call of Duty on Comedy - Watch now

In this series, the well-known Brazilian YouTuber Bitgamer plays popular games like Call of Duty and Call of Duty Warzone with a lot of humor and a few helpful tips.

LOL But Not the Game - Watch now

In this series, the well-known YouTuber Bitgamer shares his hilarious playthroughs of various games such as BONEWORKS and Warriors: Rise to Glory.

Brazil - Land of Culture & Art - Watch now

In this series, many people from Brazil talk about culture, education, civic formation and the significance of all these subjects for the development of Brazilian people and their country.

Arteriall - Watch now

In this documentary, many artists explain how the internet changed the way we see art and how it made it easier for the artists to collaborate with each others, spreading art everywhere in the world.

I Shouldn’t Be There - Watch now

In this show, many people related to the imprisonment system in Brazil talk about the police operations filled with violence and the conditions that the people who wait for a jury have to face, spending sometimes many years in prison being innocent.

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