New Releases for Japanese

Hello guys!
Have you seen our new releases? There are some really nice content waiting for you.

  • Three Dads
    the story of three guys who live together and who suddenly become parents of a mysterious baby.

  • Swimming in the Dark
    A guy with a normal and even boring life falls in love with his new mysterious neighbor and his life changes completely after that.

  • Gourmet Travel
    The youtuber Taigak travels around Japan showing the beauties and the delicious food of each Japanese prefecture.

  • Day Trip
    The youtuber Taigak takes quick trips to different locations allover Japan, showing the must visit locations of each prefecture

  • The Tokyo Perfect View Locations
    Let’s visit the best places of this huge megalopolis called Tokyo.

All of this new content you can find on our New Releases Category.
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I do not see a new releases category on my Japanese dashboard. Actually, I get the feeling that not all the Japanese shows are showing. For example some of the ones you mention.

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Hello Veronica. How are you? Some of them will just be available in some countries Veronica. It depends on where you live. Some content that I show here are just for US-UK and Canada.

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