New Show Recommendation!

Hello everybody!

As you may know, winter in Russia is usually very cold and harsh. That’s why Russians usually compensate with warm meals, right? Well, one of the most commonly eaten meals in Russia before the main meal is soups, all kinds of tasty soups. :bowl_with_spoon:

Today I bring you the recommendation of our new show, “Russian Soups with Julia”, where our dear Julia teaches us how to prepare five typical Russian soups: chicken soup with noodles, рассольник (rassolnik), pea soup with smoked meat, борщ (borscht) and a fish soup called уха (ukha).

You are invited to watch it and cook with us these wonderful dishes! Then comment which one you are going to start with or which one you already know. :plate_with_cutlery:

My favorite soup of all is борщ, and just a while ago I prepared it for the first time! :heavy_heart_exclamation: