New Year's traditions in Portugal

1 - Eating 12 raisins at midnight
When the 12 bells ring, the new year begins, and at that time the Portuguese eat 12 raisins and ask for 12 wishes for the year that is beginning.

2 - Jumping out of a chair with the right foot
It is believed that when the new year arrives we should stand on a chair, jumping to the floor with our right foot. The jump symbolizes entering the new year with the right foot, in other words, with good luck.

3 - Having money in your hand, pocket, or shoe
For the more superstitious, one should enter the new year with money in one’s hand, pocket, or shoe to attract an abundance of money throughout the year. For example, some people have a note in their hand when they jump out of their chair with their right foot.

4 - Blue underwear
New Year’s traditions also influence what you wear on New Year’s Eve, in particular, your underwear. Besides having to be new, underwear should be blue in color to attract good luck for the whole year.

5 - Making a lot of noise at midnight
Banging pots and pans at the window, breaking dishes, are some of the options to make noise and create chaos. This moment is understood as a purification, pushing away everything that is negative.

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