Our Private Lessons!

Hello dear French learners. My name is Roxana and I’m a French Team member at Lingopie. I am here to help you with your French learning. Please, do not hesitate to ask for anything you would like to know.
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Hi French Learners! In case you haven’t seen it, we have a button on our platform to book β€œOne-on-one Private Lessons” to learn even more French and have fun with one of our Teachers! :star_struck:

I’m leaving the link here so that you can go and take a look!
Bonne JournΓ©e :sunny:


Merci for sharing Roxana !

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Avec plaisir Mayara :slight_smile:

Merci, Roxana. C’est fantastic! (I hope the expression is correct :see_no_evil: )

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Merci Delfi! It β€œsounds” great! Just a little spelling change β€œfantastique” :wink: :star_struck:

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Amazing!!! Thank you Roxie :heart_eyes:

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:heart_eyes: A great opportunity to improve our French Skills! Thanks Roxie!