Please change kanji characters to blue to show which kanji video are currently pronouncing

Hi, your kanji / vocab videos seem very handy! I’ve studied both Japanese and Kanji for about 35 years, and find your system very innovated. Besides furigana, one suggestion which should greatly speed up kanji (and therefore, vocabularly) learning would be to have those kanji characters currently being pronounced temporarily change into a bright red or blue color. Since it is common for multiple kanji from different words / terms to be “smooshed” next to one another (without spaces) using a color coding like this will greatly help learners be able to quickly distinguish exactly which character is currently being pronounced when videos are playing. --Otherwise, since the number of unknown kanji are seemingly endless, learners will quickly lose themselves, and videos must be replayed multiple times to isolate a given kanji – with glitches (skips forward or back, losing one’s place) exacerbating the interruption in learning. (Hint to learners: having a second tab open, with a right-click for a given word/term or kanji – and a Word doc open to take down new terms, pronunciations, and meanings can help a lot) Great stuff, thank you!