Please STOP shortening subtitles


Could someone please tell whoever does the subtitles to STOP summarizing what was said. As learners, we are not looking for a summary of what was said. We need to know EXACTLY what was said by the actors. That’s the whole reason we need the subtitles in the first place.

Several times in the French, I have come across disturbing examples of where the subtitles were not faithful to what was said by the actors.

First example:
Actor said: Je veux UNE liste de TOUS vos employés.
Subtitle read: Je veux LA lists de vos employés.

They don’t match up. It might seem like something small, but problems in listening comprehension are usually over those small details that everyone thinks is unimportant. They’re not unimportant. They’re vital.

Second example:
Actor said: Personne dans mon équipe a fait ça.
Subtitle read: Aucun d’eux n’a fait ça.

Really? Yes, they mean the same thing. But the point of this platform is to help students attune their ears.

So, could we please get a word to the people who are making these transcripts to remain faithful to what the actors said. I understand that on Netflix they shorten subtitles so you don’t have to read as much and can enjoy the film. That doesn’t work for language-learning purposes.

In fact, it’s a source of frustration because you still don’t know what exactly was said. And the next time you come across that same expression, you’re not going to have someone by your side to help you figure it out. So, this is vital, and it goes to the very heart of the purpose of this platform.