Pôle emploi - Did you know about this?!

Hi everyone!

I was watching an episode of Alice Nevers and they mentioned this “Pôle emploi” thing and I remembered seeing it in other shows, so I decided to investigate a little.

According Wikipedia, Pôle emploi is: “a French governmental agency which registers unemployed people, helps them find jobs and provides them with financial aid.”

And then I remembered seeing this in “My crazy tribe”. Where the main character goes to one of the offices and they help her making her resume, and they also connect her with companies looking for employees.

Apparently they not only help you getting a job, but they also have french lessons, traingin opportunities, discounts in education among other things!

I found this fantastic and really interesting! Do you have anything like this in your country? I would love to know! :earth_americas:


Hi! I think this government assistance is excellent.
In Argentina I know that there is unemployment insurance, but it is nothing more than an economic aid, I think it is very important to give people help in the search for work and in their training.
Great data :slight_smile:


Hi Nay, I completly agree with you, it’s a very important thing! Thank you for sharing the situation in Argentina!

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