Portuguese traditon opposite to Halloween

In Portugal on November 1, All Saints’ Day, children go out into the streets and gather in small groups to ask for “Pão-por-Deus” from door to door. Bread-for-God day, or All Saints Day, was the day when a lot of baked bread was distributed to the poor.

Recorded in the fifteenth century as the day in which a certain fee was also paid: "Pay the said fee each year on a day of bread by God.

Children, when they ask for the “bread-of-God”, they recite verses and receive as offerings: bread, cornbread, cakes, pomegranates, and dried fruits, nuts, lupins, almonds, or chestnuts that they put inside their cloth bags, patchwork bags, or tassels.

Ó tia, dá Pão-por-Deus? / Auntie, can you give us Bread-for-God?
Se o não tem Dê-lho Deus! / If you don’t have it, then God will give it to you!
Pão por Deus, / Bread for God,
Fiel de Deus, / God’s faithful,
Bolinho no saco, / Cake in the bag,
Andai com Deus. / Walk with God.

Do you have a national tradition as well, different from Halloween?