Portuguese words (European variant) that do not exist in other languages


This word is known as being ‘only Portuguese’. It means a melancholic or nostalgic longing for a person, place, or things that are far away, either in space or in time. A wave of nostalgia that dreams, sometimes, of phenomena that may not even exist. Fado portraits this feeling in many of it’s songs where to feel saudade it to die of saudade.


Everyone knows what it is to ‘manage’ something. Well, desenrascanço is the act of ingeniously extricating oneself from a problematic situation. What is missing is the exact expression to translate it.


This expression can be explained as being the way to lose one’s inhibitions and simply get into a fun mode.


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Love your explanation of saudade! I have to find words to explain this feeling that exist only in Portuguese but I struggle to keep the best interpretation.

In Brazil we often use saudade e desbundar, this second is so funny and very peculiar to describe situations on fun mode as you said.

I must admit that I went to find the word Desenrascanço because I didn’t know its existence, another word to improve my vocabulary :laughing:


Wow! I love the explanation of the word “Saudade”. There must be a translation of it in each language!
It is such a common feeling which everybody can relate to.