Possessive adjectives - Aggettivi possessivi

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Possessive adjectives indicate the belonging of an object (or being) and simultaneously the possessor; they are:

:small_blue_diamond:my - my - my :point_right: mio - mia - miei - mie
:small_blue_diamond:yours - yours - yours :point_right: tuo - tua - tuoi - tue
:small_blue_diamond:his - her - his - her :point_right: suo - sua - suoi - sue
:small_blue_diamond:our - our - our :point_right: nostro - nostra - nostri - nostre
:small_blue_diamond:your - your - yours :point_right: vostro - vostra - vostri - vostre
:small_blue_diamond:their :point_right: loro
:small_blue_diamond:others :point_right: altrui

The last two adjectives remain invariable in all genders and numbers: their father, their mother, their fathers, their mothers.
Altrui means that the thing expressed by the noun belongs to others: go into someone else’s house.


This is going to be extremely helpful when pointing out
La mia pizza! (My pizza) :smile:

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Another examples: La mia torta :cake: (My cake)

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