Presente indicativo, suffisso -ERE / Present for suffix -ERE

Hello there! How fast is the time flowing, don’t you think so? In any way, let’s continue with this short post about the verb’s suffix. In this old one: Presente indicativo, suffisso -ARE / Present for suffix -ARE we saw how works verbs that has the suffix -ARE . Now let’s see the -ERE ones.

:arrow_right: Vedere (To See)

Io Ved-o
Tu Ved-i
Lui/Lei Vede-e
Noi Vedi-amo
Voi Ved-ete
Loro Ved-ono

As you can see, the separated suffix of the verb, are what change in each subject, and these are what you have to play attention. Let’s see how will it work for Scrivere(To Write).

:arrow_right: Scrivere (To Write)

Io Scriv-o
Tu Scriv-i
Lui/Lei Scriv-e
Noi Scrivi-amo
Voi Scriv-ete
Loro Scriv-ono

Again, play attention to the suffix, and you’ll have all the other verbs :wink:

Why don’t you try to write some verbs that end with -ERE and make the Present of each person? Put down on the comments, let’s practice :nerd_face:! Also advice you to try to put all kind of verbs that appears on the shows to the infinitive, so you can understand what is the suffix used on it :sunglasses: