Presente indicativo, suffisso -IRE / Present for suffix -IRE

Hello there! Hope you had a great Carnival weekend. So as we saw on ARE / ERE / IRE - The three suffix used on all Italian verbs there are only three different ways to conjugate the verbs in Italian. Let see the Present of Dormire (suffix - IRE).

:arrow_right: Dormire (To Sleep)

  • Io Dorm- o
  • Tu Dorm- i
  • Lui/Lei Dorm- e
  • Noi Dorm- iamo
  • Voi Dorm- ite
  • Loro Dorm- ono

As you can see, the separated suffix of the verb, are what change in each subject, and these are what you have to play attention. Let’s see how will it work for Salire (To Rise).

:arrow_right: Salire (To Rise)

  • Io Salg- o
  • Tu Sal- i
  • Lui/Lei Sal- e
  • Noi Sal- iamo
  • Voi Sal- ite
  • Loro Salg- ono

Again, play attention to the suffix, and you’ll have all the other verbs :wink:

Why don’t you try to write some verbs that end with -IRE and make the Present of each person? Put down on the comments, let’s practice :nerd_face:!