Private Lessons

Has anyone tried the private lessons?
The price is more expensive than Rosetta Stone, Babbel and DuoLingo.
Does anyone have experience with the Live Lessons yet?
I know it does help to practice with a live person. Does it teach grammar or follow any sort of plan to obtain a level? For close $960 a year it should have some standards to follow that result in success.
I am hesitant to pay $80 for so little explanation.
Thomas Zink

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The private lessons are a great opportunity to practice your conversational skills and they are usually based on a Lingopie show. Teachers work with an organized program of classes, according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
80$ includes 4 private classes alone with a professional teacher :slight_smile:

With other services I am able to choose a language, professor and available time. I am EST time. How do I know if someone is available at a time that I have free? Also some services post the teachers credentials and experience, etc. The only thing I see when I press the button is the payment information.
Could the courses cost less if more people attended at the same time? I assume this is a new initiative of Lingo Pie and you are still working out the details, as this is the first I have seen it.
I attempted to do this on Babbel recently and had to ask for a refund because the class never happened and all the future classes in German were ‘booked’ I am trying to avoid that scenario.
Thanks Again,
Thomas Zink

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I think I notice that the Live Lessons are available for all languages except Russian and German. Any plans to add German in the future?
Thanks -
Tom Zink

Hi Thomas,
I am a Professional Spanish Teacher in Lingopie.

Currently, we are offering private lessons with professional teachers in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. We offer a variety of time slots to the comfort of the Student, and every week we are training new teachers with our TV Shows and special content, to offer more and more lessons.

We are working on launching German and Russian. Hopefully will be ready in the near future.



If you need to test lessons with someone, I volunteer,
Thanks -


Great! We will take it into account
Thank you :grinning: