Pronomi Personali- Personal Pronouns

Hello guys! Here again for some tips. As we have seen on Pronomi possessivi - Possessive pronouns about how to use it and the translation, let’s see now about something even more simple: Personal Pronouns or in Italian Pronomi Personali.
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  • I - Io
  • You - Tu
  • He / She / It - Lui / Lei
  • We - Noi
  • You - Voi
  • They - Essi

Keep in mind

:arrow_right: As you can see, we don’t use a neutral pronoun in Italian.
:arrow_right: We also have different word for You (singular and plural).
:arrow_right:: The pronoun Lei is used also for masculine subjects in a formal conversation (Scusi signore, lei vuole del vino?)
:arrow_right: The pronoun Essi is not really common on the coloquial language, you can use Loro instead of Essi (this one is more used on formal language).

So, this is it! If you want, you can exercise the usage of this words and write right here a phrase with one of this mentioned pronouns, just put on comments :hugs:


Thank you for this very clear and thorough explanation! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Julio for your clear explanations. Thanks to this I will remember your lessons better.

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For nothing! You are doing big steps! :partying_face:

So happy that this help you in some way!