Pronomi possessivi - Possessive pronouns

We speak of possessive pronouns when there is a substitution of the noun aimed at indicating the belonging of the person, animal or thing to which the statement refers.
They are, in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd person singular: my, your, his / her - mio, tuo, suo/sua and plural: our, your, their. - nostro, vostro, loro.
Only in the 3rd person are we able to find own and other - proprio and altrui.
Their function is twofold: they can act as qualifying adjectives, as well as simple pronouns, form under which it is always necessary to postpone them to the article: my book, your diary, his pen,
their cat…

:point_right:It is important to remember that:
:white_check_mark: his - suo is used only when the possessor is one.
:white_check_mark: their - loro is used when there are two or more.
:white_check_mark: proprio - own can be substituted for hers and theirs - suo and loro, only in case the possessor is also the subject of the sentence.
:white_check_mark: altrui - other is used in case of an indefinite possessor.


Sometimes I get confused too! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Thank you, most of it I recognise from my personal lesson with @julio_66345 with the exception of the two additional ones. I look forward to some practical examples (in this forum or maybe in one of my personal lessons…?)

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Great! We have made some exemples in your lessons, really proud of you: you bring me a lot of questions and for sure these are developing your learning! Congratulations!