Protected Designation of Origin - Gastronomy

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Have you ever heard about the Protected Designation of Origin?

The main purpose of this is to designate products that have been produced, processed and developed in a specific geographical area, using the recognized know-how of local producers and ingredients from the region concerned.

This means that only the products made is these regions can be named in an specific way.

France has 435 wines protected, 256 food products, and 53 types of spirits! :scream:

The two best-known protected products of France are:

-Champagne :champagne: from the region now known as the “Champagne wine region” in the northeast of France.
If it doesn’t come from this region we should call it “sparkling wine”.

-Roquefort :cheese: from the commune Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in southern France.
Those wich doesn’t come from that region are known as “blue cheese”

Do you know other french products with this designation? What about your country, are there any of this products?


Woooow there are so many! Thanks for this post, very interesting! :star_struck:


Is this the same thing called ‘appellation contrôlé’?

Is this the same thing called ‘appellation contrôlée’?

Well, actually the “appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC)” it’s only used in French territory. The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) is valid in all Europe, the equivalent in French would be “appelation d’origine protégée (AOP)”.
This means that in France the same product could have AOC and PDO/AOP designation.