Question: guita

I’ve been watching a lot of Argentine videos here, and they use the word “guita” a lot for money. Is that Argentine slang? Is it used in any other countries?


Hi :wave:! Yes! That’s an Argentinean slang, meaning money. I don’t know if it’s used in other countries, maybe in Uruguay, but I think that the meaning is the same. Here there are other examples of referring to “money” in Argentina:

  • Mango = 1 peso(from there it derives the verb “manguar”= to borrow money.) Also it can be used its plural way: “2 mangos”, “3 mangos”, among others.
  • Gamba or ciego = 100 pesos
  • Luca = 1.000 pesos
  • Palo = 1.000.000 pesos
  • Palo verde = 1.000.000 dolars

Now we’re working on a post in which we’ll show some other examples of Argentinean slangs, we hope you’ll find it useful :relaxed:

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