Ready for a challenge?

안녕하세요 여러분! 잘 지내고 있지?

Hi! It’s Milly again! If you have been feeling a bit unmotivated to practice your korean, I have quest for you! Are you up to the challenge? Read until the end to find out~

But first I need to recommend a really special show for you guys: Pluto Secret Detectives

Lee Wu-jin, Kang Ha-ra, Choi Dong-yeong and Lee Seo-ji are four kids who, by the love for mistery and detective investigations, gather and form a society called Pluto Secret Detectives. Don’t be fooled by their ages, they might look inocent, but their investigation skills are just as sharp as grown up adults.

In this series you will realise there are many specific words related to investigation cases. So my quest for you is:

1- Watch the first episode from pluto secret detectives

2 - find out the korean name for the following words





3- Once you find out let me know in the comments

The answers will be revealed on tuesday 3/5/2022

공부 열심히하세용~~


Here are the answers
Culprit 범인

Evidence 증거

Detective 형사

Case 사건