Releases of the week 24/01

Bonjour Lingofam!

Here are the French releases of this week! :new: :fr:

  • My sister’s voice: An insight into the world of a mute woman and her sister. Short film. (6 min)

    Watch here!

  • The Citadel of the Innocents: A mysterious lost citadel in a medieval world. Short film. (10 min)

    Watch here!

  • The Migrants of 2nd Row East: The testimonies and stories of the migrants of this Canadian region. Short Film. (7 min)

    Watch here!

  • The Judge: The first 2 episodes of this show where an anonymous citizen make justice on his own. (4 min episodes)

    Watch here!

:black_small_square:Have you watch them yet? Let me know your opinion! :left_speech_bubble:


Thank you for sharing!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi I’m new to the forums and may be posting in the wrong place! However, I have just binge watched Bertrand on Lingopie and wondered if there are any more episodes/ series coming soon?
I loved it!

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