Russian Name Day

Russia professes the religion of Orthodox Christianity.

An important historical feature of this religion is the celebration of one’s Name Day, that is, one’s Saint’s Day. Before the time of the Soviet Union with its anti-religious policies, the Saint’s Day was greatly celebrated. Sometimes they even named the person with the name of the day on which he was born, and celebrated only that.

If there are several days for the same name, one can choose the saint that is closest to them, or look for the day of the saint closest to their day of birth.

My birthday, for example, is in January, and it just so happens that January 4 is St. Anastasia’s day (my Name Day). In the case of my family, they make me a nice celebration and give me presents. So now you know why January is my favorite month of the year :joy:

Some common ways to wish someone in Russian to have a nice Saint’s Day are:

  • С днём Ангела! [s dnyOm Angela]
  • С днём твоего Святого! [s dnyOm tvaevO svyatOva]
  • Поздравляю с именинами! [pazdravlAyu s imenInami]

Do you know when your Saint’s Day is? If not, I recommend you to look it up on the internet, and while you’re at it, you can read what your saint did: there are usually very interesting stories! :innocent: